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The most prominent areas of expertise of our law firm are real estate development law, real estate operation management law and the law of real estate leases in which fields we have been providing continuous legal services for more than ten years for the proprietors and operators of numerous shopping centres, commercial parks and office buildings located both in Budapest and elsewhere in the country. Our firm represents landlords of more than a thousand commercial facilities and office buildings, and at the same time we also prove to be efficient in representing tenants at numerous other sites.

Depending on the specific assignment, our law firm prepares case by case lease agreements, complex general terms and conditions, and works out comprehensive contractual constructions alike; we also operatively participate in the offer and selection procedures preceding the conclusion of contracts and contribute to the process of the negotiation and consultation of contractual terms. We assist our clients with our legal opinions and position statements throughout the performance and execution of contracts, as well as in the process of dispute settlement. At the same time we perform the all-inclusive management of outstanding debts and represent both tenants and landlords in state court and arbitration tribunal procedures.

In respect of real estate operation management we are at the service of our clients regarding a range of services from infrastructure operation, technical operation and guarantee management through marketing activities, as well as from the drafting of unique contracting and mandate agreements to full scope facility management agreements and atypical agreements, and we also perform representation before authorities.


We provide our clients with full scale legal advice in labour law matters. We prepare employment agreements, job descriptions and other documents, sets of rules related to employment relationships. We work out codes of conduct and liability regulations for unique employment types. We assist our clients by legal opinions and operative cooperation regarding matters regarding the termination of employment relationships.

We perform the representation of both employers and employees in labour law disputes, especially in connection with matters of employment terminations, settling accounts in relation with labour relationships, as well as in damages claims and liability issues arising from employment relationships.


Our firm provides full scope corporate and company law services from simple company foundation to mergers and acquisitions of corporations.

Our colleagues assist the development of the optimal corporate structure with legal opinions, consultancy and analyses, and at the same time participate in drafting the necessary documents for realising the selected structure, as well as in the conclusion of the relevant agreements. The firm perform all legal tasks and administration related to company form changes, all forms of corporate restructuring, procedures affecting capital structures and administration regarding the issuance of stock shares.

The satisfaction of our clients is proven by the fact that regarding the corporate and company law administration and registration of changes of companies established with the cooperation of the firm and becoming necessary throughout the operation they typically entrust the firm again and again. The firm disposes of the material and human resources capabilities allowing for the fast and efficient performance of electronic company procedures.

Our firm also performs tasks in liquidation, winding-up and bankruptcy procedures in relation with company law cases.


The firm provides legal advisory services in connection with financial and capital market transactions and at the same time performs the representation of its clients before authorities in foundation and permit procedures. We also participate in procedures regarding the issuance and production of stock shares.

At the request of private and corporate clients alike, we cooperate in loan transactions, working out credit agreements and the security systems linked thereto, the review thereof, as well as in due diligence, risk analysis and contracting related thereto.


In the event of any kind of legal dispute our law firm primarily aims to assist its clients to an amicable settlement, which ambition has lead to results on numerous occasions, to the satisfaction of our clients. However, in such cases when the agreement of the disputing parties is inconceivable, we efficiently perform the representation of our clients in litigation at regular and arbitration court proceedings.

Apart from the professional knowledge and determination of the firm’s co-workers, our results achieved in the settlement of legal disputes is attributable to the fact that in each and every case we carry out uncompromised analyses in the interest of unveiling and providing a prognosis regarding the risks and possible outcomes, and we assist our clients in selection of the most optimal solution for the settlement of the given legal dispute by our legal opinions, already at an early stage.

We carry out litigious representation not only in cases related to real estate law, corporate law and labour law, being our distinguished practice areas, but also in virtually all civil law areas, with specific respect to damages cases and cases regarding the performance and termination of contracts. We represent the interests of our clients with equal efficiency in non-litigious procedures and legal remedy proceedings, in public administration matters and in litigious procedures for review of public administration decrees alike.


The law firm is at the service of its clients in legal consultancy and drafting the necessary documents in intellectual property, patent and copyright cases, and furthermore trough representation before domestic and international organisations and authorities.

We provide legal consultancy in numerous issues of intellectual property law as a dynamically developing legal area. We prepare general terms and conditions, consumer agreements, (especially for enterprises active in the field of CRM and software development,) and we also proceed in domain related matters.

As a linked legal field we assist our clients in data protection matters with legal opinions, the elaboration of data protection regulations and procedures, as well as representation at authorities. We also provide legal services in cases of the establishment of press products and the publishing thereof.
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